Here we have a vining annual small leaf Vetch, that grows relatively quickly. Very often these clammer up desirable plants, like the Lonicera here, where they quickly produce and drop their seed into the plant below where the next generation can get well established before maintenance can find it. Pulling these often results in them snapping off just above the ground, an injury they can quickly recover from. All Vetch are nitrogen fixers, but this positive must be weighed against their negative aesthetic impact as they can bury their neighbors. In a ‘wilder’ landscape managers might choose to ‘overlook’ them. Other vining weeds are similarly difficult to control once established including other common species like Field Bindweed and the nearly ubiquitous Clematis vitalba. The later two have the additional problems of forming much larger masses and being perennial. Spraying with broad leaf post-emergents, which can control these will also kill most of the broad leaf perennials and shrubs they have over topped. Leaving staff with the time consuming tactic of going after their crowns and grubbing these out or treating them. This later technique isn’t effective on the Bindweed because of the way it grows, leaving one with constant removal of top growth or spraying. Prevention is by far the best option.


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