The gate shown above is on 17th, south of Powell. Yellow Nutsedge, a persistent and difficult weed to control, occurs here with Horseweed, Barnyard Grass, clover and dandelion. Nutsedge is commonly spread between sites in soil, nursery stock and mulch. It’s rhizomatous and forms ‘nutlets’, little tubers below the soil surface which can spread the plant. The patchiness of its locations along the line here indicate to me that it came as a contaminant. Now it can easily spread if left to flower more widely or by expanding clumps via growth of its nutlets. Hoeing or pulling is rarely effective on this weed and it isn’t easy to control with most herbicides. This area, immediately around the gate, should not have been a ‘landscape’. It will always need to be maintained clear which will require the use of pre-emergent herbicides that are effective on Nutsedge or it could have been hard surfaced.


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