We routinely walk the MAX Orange Line route from our house and I’ve written of the problems with the design and maintenance of its landscapes since shortly after their installation. Problems continue, as expected, and are exacerbated by the current heat wave. The contractors not only are inadequately scheduled for weed maintenance, which are still taking over, but they haven’t been staying up with the irrigation needs. Here the Spiarea are toasted and the Nyssa are completely defoliated due to the heat and drought. This problem is common along the length of the line I’m familiar with. You can’t plant a landscape, especially one not suited to the conditions on the site, and then not provide care. They are throwing away their investment of public monies. As deciduous plants these will have some ability to rebound, as shedding their leaves is a normal stress response for them. But, as plants from summer rain areas it will weaken them none-the-less. If this practice continues over time these too will further weaken leaving even more space, niches, for invading weeds.


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