This is a Rubus calcynoides, a durable, vigorous, ground cover, but it would be much more effective as a weed suppressor with a shrub and canopy layer. Geranium lucidum, an aggressive weed, is upper right. Problematic weeds in this bed include: Common Groundsel, Small Leaf Vetch, Dutch White Clover, Poa annua, Dandelion, Yellow Flowered Oxalis, Prostrate Knotweed, Creeping Bentgrass and Perennial Ryegrass. Like most Parks here this one is understaffed with horticulturally knowledgable staff. The horticulturist had just spent the previous 2 hours in the bed hand weeding trying to get rid of the flowering weeds before they could go to seed. There were several hours worth of weeding work left. The same person is responsible for many other parks in southwest which demonstrates an inadequate staffing level and will, inevitably lead to the failure of landscapes, no matter who that person is. Landscapes must be adequately maintained.

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