Trip to Lan Su

And Now for Something Completely Different....(M.P.)

Lan Su Portland's Classical Chinese Garden - photo by Stephen Morgan

Lan Su – Portland’s Classical Chinese Garden – photo by Stephen Morgan

Rain spotting glasses

Wheels carving narrow arcs

Down wet pavement, hissing…

Between emptied houses

Over-arching trees, waking

Storefronts, hulking warehouses…

Drawn to the river, hot breakfast

With a friend. I warm

And dry quickly.

Rain drops spotting a quiet

Pattern across the pond

The cool wet February air

Stills the droplets hanging

From twig & petal capturing

Blossom’s scent in their

Tentative grasp drawing our

Attention…, holding it

Beneath a quiet leaden sky

Perfectly. The day pulls us ahead.


2 thoughts on “Trip to Lan Su


    Thank You Lance
    I was at the garden, with my spinning wheel (year of the sheep), week ago Saturday – spectacular sights
    Thank you for your Words and photo


  2. Stephen


    Wonderful poem of your bike ride, soft rain, branch, blossom, fragrance. Pulling us ahead . . .

    Very nice Lance – I enjoyed it. A frame able poem and photograph.



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